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A trust is a contractual obligation on the part of the creator of the trust and a trustee, wherein the creator will fund the trust and the trustee is obligated to carry out the terms of the trust. These agreements can continue after the death of the creator of the trust, and under the laws of some states can last for hundreds of years.

There are many uses for trusts in estate planning. They can be a way of managing a person’s assets if they become incompetent, a way of transferring assets after the death of the creator of the trust, a way of donating to charitable causes while providing for a legacy for their loved ones, and on and on.

Often times people are not aware of the kinds of trusts that could benefit them and their loved ones and help them achieve their goals. This is where professional knowledge and experience are invaluable to ensure that your wishes are met.

The law firm of Bryan A Lowe & Associates has been helping clients meet these objectives and obtain greater peace of mind for over 30 years through personalized estate plans. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation and learn how you can most effectively achieve your estate planning objectives.

Examples of various types of trusts:

  • Charitable trust
  • Special Needs Trust
  • Living Trust
  • A/B Trust
  • Miller Trust
  • Gun Trust
  • Asset Protection Trust
  • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

For more information on these or any other estate planning or probate questions, please schedule with our office for a free consultation to get started on the path to peace of mind in knowing that your wishes will be carried out for those you love now and after you pass.

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